Aim, Shoot, oh do fly, Wood Pigeon Pie.

Cripsey Bridge, Moreton

The halcyon days of childhood, those five or so years between the ages of five and ten seem, looking back, a forgotten age of innocence. Summers were endless days of blue skies, fields shimmering in a golden haze, whilst winter nights drew us in, roasting slices of toast over an open fire and waking up to fields cloaked in white. Really? Perhaps not – but then sometimes it’s better to leave the past where it is, and remember only the good things. Continue reading “Aim, Shoot, oh do fly, Wood Pigeon Pie.”

Fishy Arrival – on ice to London from Cornwall

In August, disheartened by the ubiquity of supermarket fish choices in London I decided to try ordering some fish from a Cornwall based fish supplier, Fish for Thought. Now once every four or five weeks I take delivery of a box of fish and sea food, individually wrapped and sitting on a thick bed of ice. Continue reading “Fishy Arrival – on ice to London from Cornwall”