Travels with my Taste

November has slid into December and the barometer has dropped overnight warning of record lows. Snowflakes can be seen on the Met Office forecasts north of the Watford Gap. The High street glitters with red and gold, Ho ho hos and prancing reindeer decorate shop windows whilst sleigh bells tinkle away even in the corner shop. Continue reading “Travels with my Taste”

My Just Desserts

Let’s get this straight, British desserts rock. Italians maybe the past masters at gelato – read my post ‘Decamping the Ice Cream Myth’ – chased only on the commercial edge by the Americans; the French may claim fruit tarts, custard based crèmes and le soufflé; the Portuguese have heavenly custard tarts and Australians the pavlova; but no one else does ‘puddings’ like the British do. Sticky toffee, suet, bread and butter, upside down and not forgetting Christmas’s ‘figgy’, all hearty warming puddings that smothered in custard stick to your soul and offer comfort.  Continue reading “My Just Desserts”

Welcome and Bienvenue!

Judi Spoor and Fiona Mckenzie - in collaboration mode
Judi Spoor and Fiona Mckenzie – in collaboration mode

This blog is the result of many meals, many conversations, and a strong friendship that has grown over the last fifteen years. We might not agree on everything, but we share a passion for seasonal, simple food and the pleasures of eating.

Between us we’ve clocked up over eighty years of ‘cooking’ experience – in between working and bringing up children! Here in FoodWiseWomen, we’d like to pass on some of the things we’ve learned, and share recipes and memories of some of the meals we’ve cooked and eaten.

Because we now have a foot in two distinctly different ‘culinary’ camps –  in London and in Albi, south west France – we have a wonderful opportunity to discover the differences between the French and English ways of doing things, and to highlight (in a post-Brexit world) the benefits of sharing cultural differences over a good meal and a glass of conviviality – be it wine or beer!

We may be aged, we’re definitely seasoned – but we’re still stirring! We hope you enjoy the read.