A Particular Sweet Tooth

Why do some people have a sweet tooth and others don’t? Both my parents were born during the First World War when the Germans U-boats cut off Britain from much of its supplies. Food products included potatoes and sugar were particularly affected.  By the end of 1917, people began to fear that the country was running out of food and started panic buying – and this, in turn, led to shortages. Therefore in January 1918, the Ministry of Food decided to introduce rationing and sugar was first on their list. Continue reading “A Particular Sweet Tooth”

Families, Pecking Orders and Fruitfulness

I hadn’t planned to have children, or even get married. I hadn’t had a positive experience of family, as you will have heard if you’ve read this far.  What I wanted more was to travel, see the world. Slash my way through rain forests, bury my toes in white sands and drink the water from a coconut slashed from high up in a palm tree by a loin clothed native.  Continue reading “Families, Pecking Orders and Fruitfulness”