Foraging In Occitanie – wild green weeds

Respounchous in Albi market
Respounchous in Albi market

Spring time is the season for ‘respounchous’ here in the south west of France. There were a few bunches of them for sale in the market last Saturday but it only takes an hour or two of foraging in the wooded lanes to gather enough respounchous for a light lunch. So, in need of a break from my computer, I decided to go hunting for respounchous… Continue reading “Foraging In Occitanie – wild green weeds”

Crème de châtaigne – an autumnal treat

Sweet chestnuts

This is a recipe which starts with a good walk! In October it is impossible to walk in the woods down here in the south-west of France without treading on prickly round sweet chestnuts. Continue reading “Crème de châtaigne – an autumnal treat”